Message from Another Planet, version 4

How to post a piece

I am using this piece as a workbench for developing best practices for writing compositions using Csound embedded in HTML. Currently this piece runs in WebAssembly and in csound.node. I hope to update the Csound for Android app so that it, too, without making any changes to the code in this piece, will play it.

Updates here include more options for sound production using the new squinewave opcode, more user control over duration, and a more flexible layout in which various panels can be shown or hidden, with the other panels automatically resizing to fit.


Message from Another Planet, version 3

How to post a piece

This is a newer version of “Message from Another Planet” by Jacob Joaquin as modified by me, in an effort to demonstrate some good practices for writing pieces in Csound with HTML5:

  • I have updated the WebAssembly build of Csound for this Web site. Some of the C++ opcodes are now supported, such as the signal flow graph opcodes, the fractal noise opcode, and so on.
  • The code of this version will run, unmodified, either on this version of Csound for WebAssembly, or on csound.node for NW.js.
  • When the piece loads, previously saved values of control sliders are automatically restored.


Message from Another Planet version 2, by Jacob Joaquin and Michael Gogins

How to post a piece

I have modified Jacob Joaquin’s original version with reverb and some interactive controls.


Message From Another Planet, by Jacob Joaquin

How to post a piece

This small piece by Jacob Joaquin (tumblr, SoundCloud, GitHub) shows how to create a fairly complex sound with very simple means, just a lot of harmonic sine tones.


The Electric Priest, by Tobiah

How to post a piece

Another small example piece that has been on the Web for some time, by Tobias Enhus, a well-known film composer.