About the Csound Showcase

Csound is one of the most powerful musical instruments ever created. It is a user-programmable and user-extensible sound programming language, library, and environment. For more information about Csound, go to http://csound.github.io/.

And now, Csound will run right here in your Web browser (if you have a recently updated browser that supports WebAssembly). See this for an up to date list of supported browsers. Go here to see if your browser will run a WebAssembly demo. And go here if you want to see an impressive demo of WebAssembly’s 3D graphics capabilities.

This Web site is a showcase to play music created for Csound, to showcase the capabilities of Csound, and to demonstrate various techniques for composing music with Csound.

Anyone may browse all the pieces, run any piece, rate any piece, and examine the Csound code for any piece.

Most of all, anyone who joins this blog will also be able to post new pieces here.

See these instructions for how to post a piece.


Creative Commons License
Unless otherwise noted, all materials on this Web site are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

Please note, I have taken the liberty of posting some pieces here that are by others without formally asking their permission. These are pieces that have been widely disseminated on the Web for some years. If any author of any of these pieces does not want them available here, let us know and that piece will be removed.